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Step one to my resurrection.

2015-09-30 16:25:27 by smotez

I've got a collab part that is atleast 95% done, so anyone out there still doing madness collabs let me know and I'll join up. Capitation 3 has acctually gone backwards to make room for improvements as I've re-drawn a room which made the current animation around it all wrong so I'll be redoing a scene. Other than that I'm just working my way back into animating slowly.

I'll be back......hopefully....

2015-09-11 08:22:49 by smotez

Been too long, but it looks like I've got some time opening up for animating soon. Lets just hope it's enough for Capitation 3 to get done and maybe other projects too. In any case these animations will be done no matter what or how long it takes.



2014-01-09 10:51:47 by smotez

Currently working on a collab peice and maybe later a teaser trailer for Cap 3.


So I guess it's time to put some WD40 on my rusted animation skills and hopefully that WD40 will come in the form of a collab part, Yes that does mean I am looking to join a madness collab. Hit me up with a PM with the details of your collab and I'll get back to you! In the mean time I'll be drawing backgrounds for Capitation 3. Look here it's a generic staircase

New weapons, 10mm style.

2013-01-29 21:57:18 by smotez

Here's an image of Jayton showing what kind of fun and new weapons will be introduced in Capitation 3.

New weapons, 10mm style.

Capitation Reformation.

2012-09-22 23:18:24 by smotez


A little animation which happens during and just after Capitation 2.
To fully understand whats happening watch the previous capitation animations.

Thanks and enjoy!

*Edit* Also to note this episode is more about plot development than violence, take this into consideration when viewing!

Hold your Breath.

2012-09-22 11:41:05 by smotez

Somethings coming.....

The Nevada sunset....

2012-08-25 21:17:34 by smotez

Isn't it pretty?

The Nevada sunset....

Burn't Ice cream.

2012-08-09 21:15:29 by smotez

Im back. Or am I back? I could be back. But Am I really back?

Another Image for you guys.

2011-11-04 22:45:53 by smotez

Here's a tiny baby update, I am working on stuff, It'll be quite some time untill any full length animations will be out. Do look out for a trailer or preview that will be possibly released at some point in the up coming months.

Another Image for you guys.