Entry #31

Step one to my resurrection.

2015-09-30 16:25:27 by smotez

I've got a collab part that is atleast 95% done, so anyone out there still doing madness collabs let me know and I'll join up. Capitation 3 has acctually gone backwards to make room for improvements as I've re-drawn a room which made the current animation around it all wrong so I'll be redoing a scene. Other than that I'm just working my way back into animating slowly.


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2015-09-30 18:13:54

Ellvis sent me, said you'd be good for my collab.


If you're interested

smotez responds:

It appears my collab part doesn't meet your requirements as I'm using 550 by 400 stage size, It has the possibility of not being 30 seconds long and it's semi boring. Other wise I would absolutely be interested. I can see about whipping up another part if I have enough time, that being said when are you aiming for release as sept 1st is long gone.


2015-09-30 22:43:06

Yeah, some shit happened and fucked the original release date over. The collab will basically be coming out once everyone finishes their parts for it, so there will be no rush as it stands.

smotez responds:

Okay I'm in I'll get to work on a new part.


2016-05-06 14:29:33

Where are you???