Fuck you,

2009-09-11 11:39:32 by smotez

I love bathrooms.
On a serious note, Incendation is Postponed untill whenever.
Good news, I might be releasing a Capitation 2 preview, YES im still working on it and YES its been a year AND yes im lazy ¬_¬.
Desultory 3 is Ok.
And other shiz is up your ass!
Btw Incendation may be out on MD09 if the people involved finish quickly and such, Buuut i don't see that happening. Good day, Gentlemen.
Oops, zat waz not Medizen!

Fuck you,


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2009-09-11 17:42:12

So your going to have another 2 preview thing like you did for the first Capitation?

Also digging the new banner, even though you haven't really done anything in 2009.

smotez responds:

FUCK YEAH, 2009 has been GREAT for animating ¬_¬ *mass sarcasm has been entered*


2009-09-12 00:12:43

shit, i thought you dropped Desultory, well good luck with all of those projects

smotez responds:

I will never drop desultory!!!!!!!!!!! Shit, i just.......yeah


2009-09-15 14:47:17

I wanted to comment so i made a FAG account (:


2009-09-21 01:54:06